Are you good at tossing a Frisbee? Have you ever wondered how a Frisbee is able to fly through the air so well? If you can throw a perfect, arcing curve, right on target, you have already trained your arm on the aerodynamics of Frisbee flight! Below is an activity to help you think through how a frisbee flies!

S.T.E.M Frisbee activity

First lets look at some definitions...

Air resistance- a force that causes an object to slow down by use of air particles

Friction- a force in the opposite direction of a moving object that causes that object to slow down

Directions: Throw the Frisbee as stated below and the rank which type goes the farthest with a 1.  Rank which one goes the  shortest with a 3. Tell if you feel there is friction or air resistance. 


The "throws" 
A. Throw normal (flat) in air
B. Throw vertical in air
C. Scoot across the ground

Which one moved the farthest? Why?
Which one moved the shortest? Why?
Which one had the most Air resistance acting on it?
Which one had the most Friction acting on it?