Worship Team Training

This past year has been very trying for worship

leaders, tech teams and musicians. Many of us are tired and in need of refreshment and vision. 
Inspire and equip your worship ministry Saturday March 13th from 9AM-1:30PM with an optional Sound Master Class to follow. This worship team training event is FREE but you must register to reserve your spot. 


Mike O’Brien (themikeo.com) is our keynote speaker. With over 25 years of experience, Mike has served over 125 church around the world in every major denomination. 

Bring yourself or your whole team. There will be something for everyone at every level of expertise.

COVID SAFTEY: We encourage mask wearing during our session and will have social distancing throughout the training. 


  • 8:30AM Registration, coffee and reception
  • 9:30AM SESSION ONE // Why Does Your Next Worship Set Matter?   
  • 10:45AM SESSION TWO // Make Music Like a Producer (an interactive lesson in every instrument, how to play and sing better together as a band) 
  • 1:30-3:30PM OPTIONAL SESSION THREE // Sound Master Class for Everyone (hands on learning for the newbie and pro…. designed for everyone) 

What others are saying about Mike O'Brien

 “Mike O’Brien is one of the church’s most articulate communicators on the topic of contemporary worship leadership. His ability to break down complex ideas into memorable phrases and move-forward practices is second-to-none. I wholeheartedly recommend that you have Mike into work with you, your musicians, and your techs. You won’t regret it; he carries the heart of worship deep within him – and it spills out everywhere.” - Dan Wilt, Author and Worship Leader, Nashville TN  

Mike leads and teaches with gentleness, nuance, and authenticity. He has a gift for giving nitty-gritty practical help alongside soul-and-spirit level encouragement and advice, and sharing his wealth of experience and vision. You will be so glad you brought him and his team in for a training event. - Fran Pratt, Worship Pastor, Austin TX

"Mike was extremely helpful. His expertise is broad, and his leadership style is one to emulate. His ability to adapt to different church styles/theological persuasions, while still providing profound insight to make the worship better was what I was most impressed with. Mike will improve your team, yet, he will not force you into a mold. He was very helpful to our local church, and I highly recommend him to all.”  - Collin Brooks, Pastor Roswel,l NM

Meet Mike O'Brien